New Guidance from FHA Regarding Collection Accounts

For case numbers assigned on or after April 1, 2012, FHA will require that collection accounts with a total outstanding balance equal to or greater than $1,000 be resolved. The borrower must either pay the account(s) in full with verified funds or provide evidence that they have entered into payment arrangements with the creditor(s) with a minimum of six* months verified payments (i.e. “paid as agreed”). The payment arranged must be included in the calculation of the borrower’s DTI.

Note: Paying “down” of balances on disputed accounts and collections to reduce the singular or cumulative balance to below $1,000, is not an acceptable resolution of accounts.

FHA continues to require judgments to be paid off. An exception to the payoff of a court-ordered judgment may be made if the borrower has an agreement with the creditor to make regular and timely payments with a minimum of six* months payments made according to the agreement. The monthly payment must be included in the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio.

Open Houses: Saturday and Sunday, April 14-15, 2012

There are many, many open houses this weekend!!! The following properties will be holding open houses in the Brandywine Hundred, North Wilmington, Newark, Hockessin, Pike Creek, Newark, Bear, and Middletown, Delaware areas on Saturday and Sunday, April 14-15, 2012:

Can’t make the open house? No problem! Contact Brian Doreste today at 302-753-6398 to schedule your own private showing.

The most current open house list for New Castle County, Delaware can always be found at:, and is usually published every Thursday morning.

6005303 $232,900 115 N Hunter Forge Rd Newark DE Anvil Park
5980193 $294,900 415 Arbour Dr Newark DE Arbour Park
6025888 $219,900 204 S Avon Dr Claymont DE Ashbourne Hills
6023657 $589,900 204 Pine Knoll Cir Hockessin DE Autumn Hills
6013508 $184,900 102 Blue Ridge Pl Newark DE Barrett Run
6008009 $205,000 700 S Lincoln St Wilmington DE Bayard Square
6019573 $104,900 112 S Scott St Wilmington DE Bayard Square
6034853 $175,000 5407 Diana Dr Wilmington DE Birch Pointe
6034094 $135,000 119 Flintlock Rd Newark DE Birchwood Park
5912021 $369,900 103 Clover Dr Hockessin DE Bon Ayre
6027668 $500,000 4 Clover Dr Hockessin DE Bon Ayre
6005384 $199,900 97 S Skyward Dr Newark DE Breezewood
5929895 $245,000 8 Kerrin Rd Bear DE Brennan Estates
6026334 $178,700 309 S Bridlewood Dr Newark DE Bristol Place
5969017 $189,900 19 Merry Rd Newark DE Brookside
5991466 $158,000 28 Courtland Cir Bear DE Buckley
6003762 $274,900 3 Anna Ave Bear DE Caravel Farms
6032695 $328,500 308 Caravel Dr Bear DE Caravel Farms
6037632 $354,900 7 Wortham Ct Bear DE Caravel Woods
5999719 $450,000 1000 Wynnewood Ave Wilmington DE Carrcroft
6003452 $159,900 4 Midfield Rd New Castle DE Castle Hills
5790764 $870,000 15 Trimble Turn Yorklyn DE Centerville Mdws
6035993 $374,900 18 Renee Ln Newark DE Chestnut Valley
6019730 $359,900 7 Dearborn Ln Bear DE Clear Creek At Lex
6036049 $339,900 62 Darien Rd Newark DE Covered Bridge Far
6013386 $249,900 5201 Old Capitol Trl Wilmington DE Delpark Manor
6029668 $279,900 300 N Cora Loop Wilmington DE Duncan Glen
6036214 $635,000 604 Black Gates Rd Wilmington DE Edenridge
5960657 $115,000 16 E Salisbury Dr Wilmington DE Edgemoor Terrace
6022294 $345,000 1 Lighthouse Rd Wilmington DE Edgewood Hills
5962449 $119,900 1016 Dover Ave Wilmington DE Elsmere Manor
6011600 $339,900 140 N Gabriel Dr Bear DE Ests Of Red Lion
6037625 $339,900 2111 Exton Dr Wilmington DE Exton
6030617 $245,900 242 Pinehurst Rd Wilmington DE Fairfax
6027562 $229,900 100 Meriden Dr Newark DE Fairfield
6028760 $585,000 102 Lastrada Ln Greenville DE Fairthorne
6033531 $499,000 101 Bellant Cir Wilmington DE Fairthorne
5961315 $209,900 3235 Brookline Rd Wilmington DE Fairway Falls
6027466 $374,900 305 Kelly Ct Newark DE Forest Ridge
5966218 $279,900 1102 Greenway Rd Wilmington DE Forwood
5999717 $265,000 1130 Grinnell Rd Wilmington DE Green Acres
6035481 $239,900 29 Brier Ave Wilmington DE Greenbrier Village
6037413 $212,000 614 Darley Rd Claymont DE Greentree
6032565 $349,900 2023 Delaware Ave Wilmington DE Highlands
6035992 $434,900 5 Welwyn Rd Newark DE Hillstream
6021347 $157,500 404 Silverside Rd Wilmington DE Holly Oak Terrace
6025721 $179,900 203 Redwood Ave Wilmington DE Kiamensi Gardens
6026005 $343,500 13 Silver Lake Dr Middletown DE Lakeside
6023316 $329,900 122 E Cedarwood Dr Middletown DE Lea Eara Farms
6003802 $249,900 133 Attic Ct Wilmington DE Limestone Hills We
6013586 $234,900 179 Steven Ln Wilmington DE Limestone Hills We
6033870 $129,900 811 N Scott St Wilmington DE Little Italy
6031876 $349,900 3319 Silverside Rd Wilmington DE Longwood
5996386 $299,900 410 Prestwick Dr Townsend DE Lynemore at Odessa
6012850 $239,900 821 Brant Drive New Castle DE Mallard Pointe
6036152 $539,000 119 Sassafras Dr Middletown DE Matapeake
5947705 $324,900 518 Lake Dr Middletown DE Meadowbrook Farms S
6023734 $179,900 231 Paynter Dr Wilmington DE Middleboro Crest
6037429 $224,900 24 S Cummings Dr Middletown DE Middletown Crossin
5937292 $150,000 103 Merchant St Port Penn DE None Available
5971191 $244,900 205 Adams St Delaware City DE None Available
6002032 $120,000 2712 N Jefferson St Wilmington DE None Available
6036656 $249,900 1106 Darley Rd Wilmington DE None Available
6036683 $389,000 3 Birch Knoll Rd Wilmington DE Northminster
6026115 $215,000 918 Parkside Blvd Claymont DE Northridge
6033875 $184,900 1430 Spruce Ave Wilmington DE Oak Hill
5969386 $275,000 228 Cheltenham Rd Newark DE Oaklands
5961607 $249,750 119 Harmony St New Castle DE Old New Castle
5966840 $259,000 32 E 4th St New Castle DE Old New Castle
5980576 $549,000 223 E 2nd St New Castle DE Old New Castle
6034052 $174,900 14 Bizarre Dr New Castle DE Overview Gardens
5917748 $935,000 203 Haystack Ln Greenville DE Owls Nest
6037084 $219,900 50 Sandra Ln Newark DE Palm Springs Manor
6014649 $341,990 244 Wickerberry Dr LOT 76 Middletown DE Parkside
6021859 $420,990 407 Spring Hollow Dr LOT 18 Middletown DE Parkside
6022487 $364,990 219 Wickerberry Dr LOT 35 Middletown DE Parkside
6036474 $449,990 411 Spring Hollow Dr LOT 20 Middletown DE Parkside
6023222 $208,500 105 Lesley Ln New Castle DE Penn Acres
5951648 $519,000 7 Perth Dr Wilmington DE Perth
6024115 $136,500 205 W Beaver Ct Bear DE Pheasant Lake
6019282 $179,900 4829 Plum Run Ct Wilmington DE Plum Run
6036281 $374,900 4 Paddington Ct Hockessin DE Quail Ridge
6021094 $199,900 14 Petro Dr Wilmington DE Red Creek Acres
6030605 $189,900 3 E Richards Ln Newark DE Richards Lane
6035994 $297,500 4615 Big Rock Dr Wilmington DE Rockwood Woods
5985154 $120,000 312 Taylor Rd Wilmington DE Rosemont
5836498 $365,000 214 Hoyer Ct Wilmington DE Springer Woods
6036996 $249,900 217 Ermine Dr New Castle DE Springfields
5934815 $850,000 7 Warwick Ct Greenville DE Stonewold
6025838 $269,900 6 Fern Ct Newark DE Summer Hill
6019090 $359,900 207 Sheats Ln Middletown DE Summit Farms
6018231 $149,900 22 Garden Ln New Castle DE Swanwyck Gdns
6036649 $259,900 104 Briarcliff Ct Newark DE The Ridge
6011193 $390,000 128 Lake Valley Dr Townsend DE Townsend
5997015 $169,900 2503 N Franklin St Wilmington DE Triangle
5996777 $189,000 1003 Trenton Pl Wilmington DE Trinity Vicinity
5873935 $289,900 1423 N Clayton St Wilmington DE Trolley Square
6012827 $224,900 1809 Lovering Ave Wilmington DE Trolley Square
6037418 $269,900 1407 N Union St Wilmington DE Trolley Square
5996245 $209,900 406 S Bancroft Pkwy Wilmington DE Union Park Gardens
6017899 $169,900 207 Woodlawn Ave Wilmington DE Union Park Gardens
6008236 $489,900 640 Woodview Dr Hockessin DE Valley View
5994187 $187,500 704 W 14th St New Castle DE Washington Park
6037223 $519,000 806 Blackshire Rd Wilmington DE Wawaset Park
6030220 $349,000 1407 Arron Cir Wilmington DE Weldin Park
6008688 $199,500 406 Quincy Ave Middletown DE Willow Grove Mill
6022068 $215,000 166 Gillespie Ave Middletown DE Willow Grove Mill
6014169 $574,900 1912 Academy Pl Wilmington DE Wilm #12
5968862 $449,000 1003 N Bancroft Pkwy Wilmington DE Wilm #13
6036660 $799,000 2307 W 16th St Wilmington DE Wilm #13
6012265 $289,900 1913 Sycamore St Wilmington DE Wilm #25
5925717 $134,900 18 Yale Ave New Castle DE Wilm Manor Gardens
5998025 $179,900 4510 S Jane Way Wilmington DE Windermere
5999258 $275,000 104 Stimson Pl Wilmington DE Windybush
6035865 $309,900 2 Jonquil Ct Wilmington DE Wood Creek
6011226 $2,375,000 2 Foxhill Ln Wilmington DE Wooddale
6029963 $307,900 355 Matthew Flocco Dr Newark DE Yorkshire Woods II

Come out and see these houses this weekend!

Programmable thermostat cuts energy costs

4 models to fit your lifestyle

By Paul Bianchina
Inman News®

What if I told you it would be possible to slip an extra $180 in your pocket this year — and every year after that — and have a more comfortable home at the same time? That should be worth a trip to the home center, right?

A savings of $180 a year is what the U.S. Department of Energy estimates the average homeowner can achieve by installing and maintaining the settings on a programmable thermostat. And the great thing is, once the settings are programmed in, you can forget about them, so your house stays more comfortable, day and night, all year long.

Programmable thermostats are simple to understand. They control your home’s heating and/or cooling systems by adjusting them to specific preset temperatures at specific preset times. No more fiddling with temperatures or forgetting to turn the heat down when you go to bed or leave for work. Just set it and forget it.

The four different modes

Programmable thermostats have four different time and temperature modes programmed in, and that’s what makes them so convenient and easy to use:

Wake: This mode is used to select the time that you normally get up in the morning, and what temperature you want the house to be at that time.

Day: If you leave for work at a specific time, this setting will lower the heat down to a specific temperature and hold it there while you’re away. For air conditioning, it will raise the temperature setting and hold it there.

Evening: This setting is for when you return from work in the evening, and the thermostat will bring the temperature in the house back up to a comfortable level (or, in the case of air conditioning, down) before you get home.

Sleep: Set this time for when you normally go to bed. The thermostat will set the temperature down (or up for AC) to whatever level you set and hold it there until the Wake cycle kicks in again the following morning.

In addition to these four basic modes, there are overrides as well. You can tell the thermostat to temporarily override the program and raise or lower the heat or the air conditioning until the next cycle starts, for those times when you’re home and you want it a little warmer or cooler. There’s also a “hold temperature” mode for use when you’re on vacation, so you can set a higher- or lower-than-normal temperature while you’re gone and the thermostat will hold that indefinitely, regardless of the four different cycles.

Four different models fit your lifestyle

There are four basic types of programmable thermostats available, depending on the needs of your particular lifestyle:

7-day: The 7-day model allows you to program the four modes individually for each day of the week, and often with different settings within each of the modes. These models allow you the most flexibility, and are the best choice if you work odd hours, multiple shifts, have children at home at different hours, or otherwise keep a schedule that’s not really consistent. As you might imagine, 7-day thermostats are the most complicated to program initially, and are typically the most expensive of the four types of thermostats.

5-1-1-day: A 5-1-1 thermostat is for people who keep a pretty consistent schedule during the week, but want some flexibility on the weekends. The thermostat can be set up for five days all the same, typically Monday through Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday can each be set up with individual programs.

5-2-day: These thermostats provide for one set of program settings for the five weekdays, and a second set of program settings for the weekend.

1-week: These thermostats are the least flexible, so consequently they’re the easiest to program and typically the least expensive to purchase. They have all four modes, but utilize the same time and temperature settings for all seven days of the week. They’re a great choice if you’re retired, or for anyone who’s home most of the time.

Cost and installation

Programmable thermostats are available in both low-voltage and line-voltage models, and range in price from around $35 to more than $300. In addition to the features described above, there are other bells and whistles, including wireless operation, exterior temperature connections, dirty-filter warnings, low-battery warnings, and more.

Many of these thermostats are designed for do-it-yourself installation, with clear instructions and only basic tool requirements. Most require that you simply remove wires from the existing thermostat and reconnect them to the new thermostat. However, some of the more sophisticated thermostats can have multiple wire connections and complicated settings, and require professional installation. If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with the dealer where you purchase the thermostat or with a licensed HVAC contractor prior to beginning the installation.

Remodeling and repair questions? Email Paul at All product reviews are based on the author’s actual testing of free review samples provided by the manufacturers.